15 years of Warcraft veteran player’s review 4

15 years of Warcraft veteran player’s review 4



Blizzard’s new solution in the Shadowlands is to restore the level cap to its original value of 60, which is what makes the current update available to players in the 50-60 level. New players start at the first level and they all play through a new area created for the Shadow Zone, based on the mission design course that Blizzard has learned over the years. Once they play this entry-level game, they can immediately upgrade to level 50 and follow the current content (for Azeroth) to keep up with the current content (starting around level 10).



This will skip everything before the previous expansion, providing the player with the most modern experience from the task design POV (and ensuring that the player is connected to the current storyline). This also ensures that new players have a shorter upgrade speed – Blizzard says it will be 70% shorter than the current upgrade from the first level to the upper limit. Buying the WOW Classic Boosting service not only compensates for the player’s technical deficiencies, but also helps the player save a lot of time and effort.



But when you see how it works on alts (the second or more characters created by existing players), you will find out how interesting it is. New characters created by existing players can choose to upgrade from all the same old areas from the beginning. But if the player likes it, they can also choose the starting experience of the new player.



In addition, once the new character has completed the start zone, the player can choose to rise to level 50 in the previous expansion pack. Whether it’s a classic or a modern version. Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, the fog of Pandaria, the Warlords of Draenor, or the Legion. These are Blizzard’s expansions, and the content of the expansion will be perfectly matched to the character level. Each piece of information is adjusted to reach level 50, including at a speed similar to that provided by the current content. Visit MMOWTS for more information.



So, I can create a Mechagnome Hunter, starting with any area I want, and then choosing the Pandaria Mist Corps as my upgrade extension. Once I have completed the upgrade, I can prepare the current content.