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How to solve auto air conditioning abnormal

by Chasen - May 24, 2017

Automobile air conditioning abnormal sound phenomenon (Daewoo car as an example) OBD2Failure phenomenon for the lack of cooling, open the engine cover, run air conditioning and refrigeration systems, air conditioning compressor abnormal sound, and sometimes accompanied by significant vibration.Launch X431 cause of issueThe circuit connection is loose, causing the clutch 4 to be jammedClutch line is quiet Launch X431 V 8Clutch clearance is too largeThe belt is looseOne of the two belts is broken at the same timeThe compressor base is loose or worn Launch X431 V8The compressor bracket is loose orCompressor bearing is damagedTension wheel is damaged or lack of oilExcessive refrigerant, causing liquid blowFrozen oil too much, causing liquid hitCompressor inside the internal (usually valve damage) Maintenance methodConnect the circuit as requiredReplace the clutch coilAdjust the gap to 0.4 ~ 0.8mm Reactor bearing damage Replace the clutch bearingTension beltReplace two beltsTighten the co

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VVDI Key Tool Programmer Function List

by Chasen - May 22, 2017 - VVDI Key Tool
VVDI KEY Tool is a efficleancy device, imaple and easy for getting your work. Xhorse VVDI Key Tool supports nearly all common remote types that can be generated in the market. it can replace hand baby and CN900 Mini. VVDI Key Tool also add more transponders and function.Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Car Transponder Programmer VVDI Key Tool Replace Hand Babay and CN900 MINI

VVDI KEY TOOL Function List: Transponder Generation: Write most common transponder available in the market including 36, 46, 47, 60, 70 Transponder cloning: Support 46 42 11 12 4D Frequency & power tester: Frequency test of 27-900 MHZ Power test 300-450 MHZ Remote cloning: Rolling code & Fixed code Generate remote: More than 400 FCC ID types Generate Garage door remote: More than 100 types Unlock OEM remotes: NXP keyless & Prox RemotesVVDI Key Tool Adapters, can renew different kind of used original remote key[The Adapters need to buy separately,not include in the package] continue reading
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CK100 auto key programmer V45.09 vs. V46.06 vs. V99.99

by Chasen - May 16, 2017 - CK100 CK100 Key Programmer

There are several versions of CK100 auto key programmers on the aftermarket: CK100 V45.09, V45.06 and V99.99.

NOTE: CK100 V45.02 auto key programmer is out off production in OBD2.



How to tell different CK100 auto key programmers? Here is the comparison table:


CK100 V45.09 key programmer

CK100 V45.06 key programmer

CK100 V99.99 key programmer

Item No





key programming & pin code reading for some vehicle models

Key programming

Key programming


Clone best quality

Clone high quality

Clone good quality


Can not be updated


2014 tokens, buy AT89C51CC03U NXP Fix Chip with 1024 Tokens

Model year

Till 2014.09

Till 2014.04


English/ Italian/ Dutch/ French/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Turkish

Add vehicle model

Adds vehicle 2014.04-2014.09

Ford, Honda

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How to use Autel Autolink AL619 to read code

by Chasen - May 15, 2017 - Autel Autel Autolink AL619

AutoLink AL619 is built to help you determine why the Malfunction Indicator Light or the ABS / SRS warning light is on. Featuring ABS/SRS system auto diagnosis, TFT color display, built-in speaker, troubleshooter code tips, the tool is truly ultimate in power and affordability. And in this article i wil share you how to use Autel Autolink AL619 to read code on your vehicle

If there is not any Diagnostic Trouble Code, the display indicates “No (pending) codes are stored in the module!” Wait a few seconds or press any key to return to previous screen. NOTE: Permanent Codes function is available for merely vehicles supporting the CAN protocols. 3) View DTCs and their definitions on screen. 4) If more than one DTC is found, use the UP/DOWN scroll button to check all the codes.If retrieved DTCs contain any manufacturer specific or enhanced.( codes, a “Manufacturer specific codes are found! Press any key to select vehicle make!” message comes up prompting you

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MB SD Connect C4 V2017.05 for offline programming

by Chasen - May 10, 2017 - mb sd connect c4

The offline programming has been switched off on DAS auto diagnostic tool beginning from DAS 012010. And this will be possible only if your control unit contains the software version older than the software version available. If the software inside the control unit is the already latest one and you still need to program it you will get a message saying that “No newer software was found”. (Soon there will be a solution how to avoid this message).OBD2

Here, we will tell you the offline-programming version.

The best version   X431 Tool

The package V2017.05 MB SD Connect C4 with DELL D630 laptop and preinstalled software is very convenient for users who do not have DELL D630 laptop or do not want to install software. Besides, you need to buy additional setting up offline mode in old DAS software.

How to do offline programming V2012.11 software?Xhorese VVDI

Original super mb star c3 (not limited software version) do offline programming permanently XTOOL SHOP

Offline-programming fun

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VVDI MB Tool Power adapter data acquisition only 18 minutes

Good news! The newest VVDI MB Power adapter is designed to connect VVDI MB BGA tool for W204 W207 W216 W164 data acquisition, aiming to save much time and take convenience. VVDI MB Tool Power adapter features:

  1. VVDI MB tool power adapter working on FBS3 type all key lost and gateway emulation, support C class, E class, CL, CLK, ML, GL, GLK types etc.

1.VVDI MB Tool power adapter only need 18 minutes to data acquisition for W204, W207 all key lost; without this adapter it will cost 150 minutes for data acquisition, save nearly 2 hours

  1. VVDI MB Tool power adapter for W216,W164 2009- all key lost data acquisition, no need to re-plug IR adapter many times, without this adapter need to replug IR adapter 500 times.
  1. VVDI MB Tool power adapter support gateway emulation function, without real gateway you can use this adapter directly OBD communication with W164,164 2009-,W209,W211 (require special connection cables)


  1. VVDI MB data acquisition adpater will keep updating more
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VAS 5054A ODIS 4.0.0 PostSetup 30.0.10 free download

by Chasen - May 06, 2017 - vas 5054a

Newest ODIS 4.0.0 PostSetup 30.0.10 is verified working fine on VAS5054A interface (Chinese). The new release brings many new functions, fix bugs and many new VAG models. Free download ODIS 4.0.0 PostSetup 30.0.10 torrent:!kkxEAaib!gXrR7d_nX7WpRv6X1YkRBiRoqp7F-VYKodnTP0ErtbM (100% works)

Works on:

  • Windows 7 32bit works, other OS, try at your own luck
  • Works on VAS5054A interfaces:

Item No. SP33-BO, Bluetooth and OKI chip, $74.99 (OK) VXDIAG VCX NANO VAS 5054, WIFI, $65.99 (OK) Item No. SP33-B, Bluetooth, $59.99 (OK) Item No. SP33-E, Bluetooth (AMB 2300), $99 (OK) Item No. SP33-C (Fail) Item No. SP33 (Under testing) Item No. SP33-D (Under testing) ODIS 4.0.0 PostSetup 30.0.10 installation easily with Youtube video: Works on WIN7 32bit Two testing pictures overview: 


OBD2 All rights reserved ODIS 4.0.0 PostSetup 30.0.10 torrent free download & installation on WIN7 continue reading
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EL50448 relearn Chevry Cruze TPMS

by Chasen - May 05, 2017 - EL50448
EL-50448 TPMS Reset Tool is special for GM Series vehicle.This article is the EL-50448 instructions on how to use EL50448 reset Chevry Cruze tire pressure monitor sensors. Tools you need: EL-50448 GM TPMS reset tool.


First,you need to get in car TPMS learn mode. 1.Set parking brake. 2. Turn ignition to ON/RUN (engine off) 3. Use the MENU button to select the VEHICLE INFORMATION menu in the DRIVER INFORMATION CENTER (DIC). 4. Use thumbwheel to scroll to the Tire Pressure menu item screen. 5. Press the SET/CLR button to begin sensor matching process. A message requesting acceptance of the process should display. 6. Press the SET/CLR button again to confirm selection. Second,use el50448 to close each valve stem. Note: Beginning with the left front tire, Once the sensor has been activated, the horn will chirp and the right front turn signal will be illuminated. You can then turn the vehicle off to exit “learn mode.” (Starting with Left Front tire -> Right Front -> Right Rear -> continue reading
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VVDI2 make range rover sport key & CEM read ok

by Chasen - May 02, 2017 - VVD2

VVDI 2 Feedback:  06 range rover sport CEM read ok, made a key with VVDI2 immo data tool.. Great! vvdi2-key-programmer-1 Confusion and solution:  Confusion: I did one of these but now how do i add a remote key .. i tried with skp900 to add pcf7941 but it didn’t work.. Is it possible to add a remote key? And how please Solution: If you reset a PCF, you no longer have an option to go back to life, you need a lot of information to be able to use it again, you need flasheROM and eep-extended, it does not only work with hitag pages. Another option is that they (Xhorse) can give, is to create a firmware download as BMW, for other models And I think that option will not be available, because to do so removed the vvdi-tools Another option is someone who passes the firmware for the pcf and remote you need. that option I think no one will give it freely. What you have left is to leave the PCF blank and your investigate. If for some reason a manufacturer makes the mistake and does not block the PCF and you are lucky

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SKP900 review Honda Nissan Toyota Mazda Chevy OK

by Chasen - Apr 26, 2017 - skp-900 skp900

Here is 03.2017 SKP900 Key Programmer tested OK review for sharing: SKP900 successfully program keys for Honda Nissan Toyota Mazda Chevy… Car list as below!Autel auto scanner

03.2017 SKP-900 Key Programmer car list update (Tested) Chevy Equinox 2007 IMMO3    Launch X431 Chevy Silverado 2011 IMMO3 Honda Civic 2006 IMMO2 AKL Honda Civic 2010 – IMMO3 AKL   Xhorse VVDI Honda Accord 2011 ALK IMMO3 Honda Accord 2014 – Keyless2 Hyundai Azura 2007 – IMMO4.2 Infinite i30 SYSTEM-OLD-IMMO-NATS5.0 Jaguar S-Type 2003 Infiniti QX56 2007 – NS > Key1 IMMO1>IMMO>SYS>AKL (2 Keys) Jaguar S-Type 2006 IMMO3 AKL  XTOOL Diagnostic Tool Note: SKP900 now is only $399! Lowest price at!

UOBDII All rights reserved 03.2017 SKP900 review Honda Nissan Toyota Mazda Chevy OK continue reading
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