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How to Use Digimaster 3 to Decode Mercedes Benz Audio?

by Chasen - Dec 03, 2018 - digimaster3

When the vehicle audio was power off because of battery damage, the audio will start the anti-theft system remind you. So here I want to share you how to use Yanhua Digimaster 3 to decode audio for Mercedes Benz. Digimaster III can calculate the audio code out or initialize it, as the following picture shows, Digimaster 3

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How to Solve OBDSTAR X300M Security Verification Failed Trouble

by Chasen - Nov 26, 2018 - OBDSTAR X300M OBDSTAR

When used the OBDStar X300M to do odometer correction function on OPEL Astra 2010, it come out the error “Security Verification Failed”, obdstar-x300m-tested-opel-astra-2x300m-secturity-verification-failed-error-1 obdstar-x300m-tested-opel-astra-security-verification-failed-3 How to solve the X300M security verification failure ? When it fails to communicate or program, please operate as below: 1.Connecting x300m — Starting it-Pressing option-Pressing Data Logging-Pressing on-Pressin

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VVDI Prog and Xprog is Best Choice for Fresh Man

by Chasen - Nov 21, 2018 - VVDI Prog Xprog-m

If you are a beginner of VVDI Programmer, you don’t need the adapters, if you need to read eeproms, get a second programmer like Xprog 5.55. And for many auto locksmiths,it is important to choose a suitable programmer,here i put it here: Why another programmer? Is not good with eep? Xprog is c

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How to Solve XTOOL PS2 Error �failed to download mcu.bin to the vci�

by Chasen - Nov 14, 2018 - xtool ps2 XTOOL

Provide solution to the xtool ps2 heavy duty trucks error ” failed to download mcu.bin to the vci”. Solution: you have wired and wireless communication please turn off wired connection Please follow the guide on how to connect Xtool PS2. The obd connector The GDS VCI reader Connect the OBD connector to the VCI fix them firmly Follow the c

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Car Key Programmer:Automotive Locksmith Handheld Choice!

The following parts list the most popular hand-held car auto key programmer for all makes which best for professional locksmiths. They are SBB Pro2,Smart CN900 Mini, CK-100 and Original  SBB Pro2 V48.88 Programmer: Now SBB PRO2 Key Programmer Updated to V48.88 new cars to 2017.12. like for Acura 2017, Chevrolet 2017,Buic

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XTOOL X100 Pad2 BMW Key Programming Feedback

by Chasen - Oct 12, 2018 - xtool x100 pad2

Recently, one customer got his new XTOOL X100 Pad2 but he is sad to find that this pad can’t work! He uses this pad2 to do BMW Key programming but fail. What happen? Let us find out why and solve this problem. Here attach an image to express his situation: Customer: This weekend I tried a Q7 2006 to diagnose the pneumatic shock absorbers the aircr

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How to solve can�t find erase password vvdi mb for eis w204

by Chasen - Oct 08, 2018 - VVDI MB Tool

 Recently,OBD2 customers feedback VVDI MB error "can't find erase password",so here UOBD2 engine share the method to solve this problem. Q: I would like to use VVDI MB tool to renew eis A204 545 13 08 because the esl is damaged, I unlocked the ESL now I need the renew for can personalized. I can’t find erase password for renew this one. A: You do

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XTOOL X100 Pad2 Read Peugeot 206 BSI Pin Code Test Report

by Chasen - Sep 30, 2018 - XTOOL X100 PAD2

This post will share you with the process on how XTOOL X100 Pad2 Pro read Peugeot 206 BSI pin code. Use Tools: Xtool X100 Pad2 Xtool EEPROM adapter Connect X100 Pad2, eeprom adapter and bsi 95160 CPU chip


Select Read Pin Code

Select EEPROM adapter

Make sure the eeprom adapter is connected and powered on, the status indicator tur

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OBDSTAR H110 Customers Feedback: Work perfect

by Chasen - Sep 29, 2018 - OBDSTAR H110 OBDSTAR

OBDSTAR H110 VAG key program & KM change Feedback, most users test it works perfectly.

  1. Dash Touran 10/2014 ok
  1. Skoda Fabia 12/2016 Mileage change works.

obdstar-h110-skoda-fabia-mileage-change-01 obdstar-h110-skoda-fabia-mileage-change-02

  1. OBDSTAR H110 good tool i have made a key for vw polo and vento working fine and for km also good.

obdstar-h110-vw-polo-2013-nec-24c32-key-programming-01 obdstar-h110-vw-polo-2013-nec-24c32-key-programming-02 obdstar-h110-vw-polo-2013-nec-24c32-key-programming-03 obdstar-h110-vw-polo-2013-nec-24c32-key-programming-04 obdstar-h110-vw-polo-2013-nec-24c32-key-programming-05

  1. VW Sharan 2015 km change ok

  1. MK7 Golf Yes

Cannot use a us

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VVDI MB Tool All Key Lost Programming for Benz W210

by Chasen - Sep 06, 2018 - vvdi mb tool vvdi2

our dream comes true! !! Mercedes Benz W210 all keys lost has solution, that is the newest version VVDI MB V4.1.0 plus one Power Adapter. This post goes for the details and instructions.VVDI2 Programmer vvdi-mb-w210-all-keys-lost-01 3.Use VVDI MB Tool power adapter to collect W210 W216, W164, 2009 + all lost, do not need to plug the infrared adapter. If without the Mercedes

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