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Car Key Programmer:Automotive Locksmith Handheld Choice!

The following parts list the most popular hand-held car auto key programmer for all makes which best for professional locksmiths. They are SBB Pro2,Smart CN900 Mini, CK-100 and Original  SBB Pro2 V48.88 Programmer: Now SBB PRO2 Key Programmer Updated to V48.88 new cars to 2017.12. like for Acura 2017, Chevrolet 2017,Buic

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Smart CN900 Mini Updater V1.8 Free download

by Chasen - Jun 16, 2017 - CN900 Mini

Recently,Smart CN900 Mini key programmer update to v1.8,and now uobd2 enginner share its Updater file to you.And upgrade your Smart CN 900 MINI,it wiil be echanced better performance.OBD2

 Free download CN900 Mini Updater V1.8 Operating system: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

Different between Smart CN900 MINI and  CN900:
  1. ND900
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Clone car keys, HANDY BABY CBAY OR CN900 MINI?

by Chasen - Apr 15, 2017 - CN900 Mini Handy Baby

What is the best equipment to clone car keys … handy baby or mini cn-900?


Official test report:

Copy 4D / 4C: Handy baby: YES, CN900 mini: YES

Copy ID46: Handy baby: YES, CN900 mini: YES

Copy 72G: Handy baby: YES, CN900 mini: YES

Copy ID42: Handy baby: YES, CN900 mini: YES

Copy ID11: Handy baby: YES, CN900 mini: YES

Copy ID12: Handy baby:

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