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Launch X431 V 8 inch Table Special Function

by Chasen - Mar 22, 2017 - launch launch x431

Launch X431 V 8'' Lenovo Tablet PC can replace X-431 V WiFi/Bluetooth and with 2 years free update on the official site. It communicates with your car by connecting DBSCAR with Bluetooth. it achieves X431 series full car model and full-system diagnose function. It integrates more application and service, such as creating maintenance data base a

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How to register Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet Wifi Bluetooth scanner?

by Chasen - Mar 11, 2017 - launch launch x431

Launch X431 V 8inch Tablet Wifi Bluetooth scanner registration is needed, though it is able to directly use without activation by sending country and language to Launch Company and wait 2 working days. Following the steps as below, it is easy to do.China OBD2 During initial use, tap the X-431 V icon on the home screen and you will see some ill

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Launch CR9081 DIY Scanner Functions List

by Chasen - Mar 06, 2017 - launch launch cr9801

Launch CReader 9081 is a small car maintenance tool integrating OBD diagnostic functions with 11 reset functions. It has a 4.0-inch color display and provides quick diagnosis for over 46 European, American, and Asian mainstream car models

  Launch CR9801 Scanner function list: 1. OBD full functions Read dynamic data streams and MIL Read rea

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Launch M-Diag OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Instruction

by Chasen - Jan 14, 2017 - launch launch m-diag

Launch M-Diag is a professional OBD2 auto diagnostic tool designed for technician. The device is small and portable, yet powerful enough to rival its competitors.

Launch M-Diag diagnostic tool function:   1.I/M Readiness Monitor   2.Read DTC’s  3.Clear DTC’s  4.Read Freeze Frame Data   5.Read and Graph Data Stream PID’s   6.Full System Sca

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