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Dead Battery Reconditioning
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Battery Reconditioning with Epsom Salt

To recondition your lead acid battery you will need Epsom Salt and a quart of distilled or rain water.  Do not use tap or well water! Warm up the distilled water to about 150 degrees (very hot but not boiling).  This procedure almost always works. The Battery Reconditioning success rate is about 98% Mix 10 heaping table spoons full of Epsom Salt into the quart of water and stir until most or all is dissolved. Then simply pour this warm solution into the individual cells of your dead battery just as you would normally put water to maintain the acid levels.  A dead battery is one that will not hold a charge, and in some cases, they are unable to take a charge. Most dead batteries will be low enough on fluid that adding this solution will not over flow the battery.  It is only recommended to add ½ quart of solution to an average size battery or one quart for a golf cart size battery.

Car batteries tend to last for several years, but lifespan depends on how they are used. The typical car battery, driven every day, properly charged, and never deep-cycled, could last upwards of 7 years, but that’s a best-case scenario. Most maintenance-free (read: replace on death) car batteries tend to last 4 to 7 years.

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