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Hybeam Pop Lamp Pro & Cons


  • HyBeam is an amazing compact PopLamp and it is so much more than another flashlight.
  • You can use regular or rechargeable batteries Whether at home indoors, outdoors, camping, fishing, horseback riding, or for safety or emergency reasons, with only three AA batteries you will have hours and hours of light to guide your way in the dark.
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Exremely portable & collapsible light source

HyBeam PopLamp made mainly of durable plastic, lightweight, extremely portable, collapsible / expandable mesh that allows it to remain at the same level about 2 “, and that is the size of a hamburger !! It weighs about 4 ounces, in principle, it can be slipped your pants pocket! Comfortable top handle to carry or hang somewhere in or outdoors!


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Important specification for Hybeam Pop Lamp

- It uses authentic YAG™ LED Bulb – ultra bright light- It uses Three-mode button switch – You can easily switch between these modes, from a flashing strobe, to signal for help mode, and of course, a low beam and a high beam mode- It uses a beveled edge, so it can be used to break glass or even as a self

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The brightest flashlight is waiting for you

Because LED flashlights are so extraordinarily bright, those high/low/medium modes are genuinely useful though. Some even have an extra-low "moonlight" mode which is good for reading under your covers at night, retaining night vision while outdoors or being sneaky. Bonus points to any light that turns on in medium, that'll be your most-used setting

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