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What Professional Athletes Teach Us About Child Support

Normal parents with children know every penny that is earned should go to either the housing, food, clothing, education and general happiness of our kids. When noncustodial parents don’t pay, they’ll always be a child support attorney Fort Lauderdale ‘normal parents’ can hire to enforce orders.

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When Does Child Support End? And Ways to Put an End to Payments

If you’re the one who is receiving child support, not knowing legal guidelines and limits of child support and alimony can catch you off guard when those payments eventually stop coming in. Fort Lauderdale child support attorney Gustavo E. Frances explains that even though under Florida laws child support ends when the child turns 18, child suppo

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Whatís a Child Support Reduction, And How to Pursue It

If your ability to pay child support changes and you require a child support reduction, the law is on your side. Some parents may also pursue a child support modification if they have reasons to believe that their ex is spending child support money irresponsibly and inappropriately. Consult Fort Lauderdale child support attorney at the Law Office

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How to Cope with a Divorce?

Whether moving out or fighting child custody and child support battles, you need the help of a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney to handle the legal aspects so you can focus on yourself and your family. Taking a few days off work or a getaway can help you get your strength back.

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