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e-Prescribing Software

What are the Common Benefits of the Best E-Prescribing Software?

e-Prescribing Software

1. Faster access to patient information: Providers are enabled to access critical information of patients, such as eligibility, formularies, and medication lists.

2. Improved patient safety: Alerts and warnings can be provided about allergies and drug interactions when your e-pres

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e-Prescribing Software

The Purpose of e-prescribing Software

Healthcare industry has been making use of modern technologies on a regular basis; this helps providers in delivering quality care while simplifying several processes and increasing the overall accuracy and efficiency of practices. In the endeavor of enhancing the quality and safety of the prescribing process,

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e-Prescribing Software

Features of E-Prescribing software

         e-Prescription Software

Medication Decision Support: Offering evidence-based information related to the effectiveness of drug therapies in treating disease or conditions, medication decision support helps improve quality of care.

Automated Event / Drug Reaction Alerts: Adverse drug reaction events risks can be minimized by

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E-Prescribing Software

 E-Prescribing Software

There has been widespread adoption of the modern e-prescribing software across the globe. Making the prescribing process easy for providers and safer for the patients, this software eases the lives of pharmacists as well. With the adoption of e-prescribing software increasing year on year, finding one that is best in all re

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e-Prescribing Software

75Health provides an efficient e-prescribing software that connects you with pharmacies. The electronic prescription software also includes EPCS regulations.

electronic prescription software

Features of the 75Health e-Prescribing Software

  1. Drug reference database
  2. Medication history
  3. Clinical alerts
  4. EPCS
  5. Digital prior authorization
  6. Prescription cancellation – renewal
  7. Refi
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