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Did You Realize How Dangerous Assaults Can Be?

by JML-Law - Oct 30, 2017 - Assaultattorney

How to seek compensation if you were assaulted? Assaults can leave life-threatening injuries and shatter your dreams into tiny pieces. You may lose your job, income, and capability just for engaging in a physical confrontation. if someone assaults you, Contact an experienced Riverside assault attorney who can take legal action against them.


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4 Things to Consider Before Suing Someone for Assault

by JML-Law - Oct 16, 2017 - Assaultattorney

If the person that assaulted you doesn’t have significant assets, there is little you can do to receive a sizable settlement for your damages. Hire Riverside assault attorney at JML Law who can get the maximum compensation for their damages.

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When assaulted by a coworker


What to do when you are assaulted by a coworker or by Boss. Misunderstandings at work can escalate to a violent level.


If you are caught in these exceptional circumstances, it may not be easy to navigate them without expert legal advice. For any help contact a Riverside assault attorney.

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