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How to Use Like Operator in SQL server?

posted by JanBaskTraining on May 17, 2019 under Education
tags: SQL server

SQL is the common query language to work with databases. When you design a report or using BI or any particular reporting tool, the software is running SQL query behind the scenes and always returns the selected data. When you want to select the desired data based on specific criteria, the WHERE clause is commonly used by the programmer to complete this need. It gives you an option to query specific rows to fetch the desired data instead of querying an entire table.

Today, in this blog post, we will discuss how to use SQL LIKE operator in the SQL server along with regular expressions to manipulate text. We will also discuss the basic syntax of the LIKE clause and how to use it with wildcard characters.

We will be using character sets and repetition expressions to create the most flexible matching patterns. We will also learn using LIKE operator in different ways. In later sections, we will discuss the LIKE clause with some examples for a depth understanding of the concept. Read More

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