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How to Empower AI and Machine Learning Through Big Data?

by JanBaskTraining - Mar 04, 2019 - Machine Learning

In the internet era, the overall data is increasing rapidly across the globe and this huge amount of data is processed through “Big Data Analysis”. Along with Big Data, two other technologies are bringing revolution to the IT world these days; they are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Here, AI and Machine Learning are the sets of tech

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Top 20 Machine Learning Interview Questions & Answers

by JanBaskTraining - Sep 04, 2018 - Machine Learning

When you are planning to appear for the data science interview, machine learning is an important part of the process that could help you in becoming successful data scientists, machine learning engineers, or data engineers etc. JanBask Training created a free guide to data science interviews so that you can know exactly where you stand currently. H

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