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Is there a new risk of ban on Ninendo Switch with SX OS?

posted by NXFlash on Apr 15, 2019

For more Jouers of Nintendo Switch, if you can play for free by hacking video games may seem like a good idea at first, however, if you get caught by Nintendo, you will now be banned and your Nintendo console will become a useless device like a brick. Although there is the best way to crack the Switch, Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS, you can not guarantee that there is no risk of being banned by Nintendo? I heard that there is a new wave of ban recently, right? What is the new risk of ban on the Switch?

Why is it possible to be banned by Nintendo?

A ban on an online service As for Nintendo Switch, as another popular Nintendo 3DS, the ban of news are flooded in the market, generally, if you get banned or your console will not function as a brick, maybe you have connected online or play online games with a cracked console. Indeed, no matter a 3DS or the Switch, they are not banned for single use on the console, but online services of the console. That is to say that banis...

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