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Nintendo Switch ban targets pirates: How to fix Error 2124-4007

posted by NXFlash on Apr 15, 2019

Nintendo recently started banning Switch consoles running pirated software. The custom OS (SX OS) was released to the hacking community only a few days ago. There are many scattered reports of the incident, especially on GBATemp. This has happened before with Sony, Microsoft and even Nintendo and will keep happening because this affects the companies’ profit.

How does Nintendo ban Switch running pirated Software?

Switch owners who have pirated custom OS running on their consoles have been banned from using Nintendo online servers. Nintendo has checked in place to determine if a console accessing their online services, for eg:- to update games is running pirated software. Once they know, it’s almost an instant ban. Please beware that, this is a large scale ban.

How to know if Nintendo has banned my Switch?

Regardless of whether or not you have been running a pirated software on Switch, the best way to confirm a Nintendo Switch ban is by trying to access Nintendo’s online service. If you get an error code 2124-4007 like the image below, you can be sure you...

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