Tech Up! StarGate 3DS Card Review

posted by NXFlash on Apr 15, 2019
Remember when R4 3ds was a big deal? Nintendo DS has cracked wide open thanks to the ingenuity of hackers around the globe. Then came Gateway for Nintendo 3DS, and now there is Stargate 3ds, the latest offering hoping to give 3DS owners something extra for their system. What does it offer, though, and how does it compare to the alternatives that already exist for 3DS?

StarGate is the latest plug-and-play device that works on all form factors of 3DS and 2DS, allowing for quick and easy switching between games stored on the microSD card that slots in, as well as being able to easily jump from its 3DS to DS functionality. The advantage here is that nothing needs to be copied to the 3DS' internal memory, meaning games on the SD card will launch just like slotting in a retail cart, in the same way old DS options did. All that is needed...

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