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How Your Divorce May Impact Your Children in Positive Ways

by SLMFamilyLaw - Aug 28, 2017 - Divorce Impactofdivorce


Change is part of the natural cycle of life and children who learn to cope with change at an early age are stronger as adults.


How to get best of from your divorce for children's is not an easy thing. A Thousand Oaks divorce attorney can help you to adjust your sails to a happy destination.

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Understanding the Requirements for Spousal Support in California

by SLMFamilyLaw - Aug 28, 2017 - Spousalsupport Divorce


Spousal support in California, like many states, is meant to bridge the gap between the time shortly after a divorce to the time it takes for one party or another to obtain employments or obtain the resources necessary to meet the costs of daily living.


In cases like this, it is best to consult an attorney early on to discuss your needs, Requ

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Divorce and food stamps

Divorce manages to decrease the assets so you may have higher probabilities of qualifying for food stamps. If you know legally divorce your spouse’s incomes is no longer calculated consequently you have greater opportunities of qualifying for food stamps. Contact a Westlake Village divorce attorney if you have any issues about the divorce legal p

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How Accurate is Your Child Support?


One of the most difficult issues to handle in a divorce is child support. Although there are great tools out there to calculate it yourself, it can be tricky. Many factors need to be considered in order to better determine the required.


Although child support is paid to your ex, remember it’s actually beneficial to your child. You need to ca

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Divorce can affect your golden years

Every couple loves to wait for their golden years, After the retirement life what gonna to do, what are the new aspects of life. All are things such have with an excitement, But suddenly you forget all the things and file for divorce then what happens.The situation is critical when your retirement is around the corner also divorce yet you have no

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Helping your children find stability during divorce

Divorce can disrupt your kids’ lives if you are not careful.It’s just not fair to children when their world falls apart because of some grow up’ decisions. Children crave stability. With the help of a Thousand Oaks divorce attorney you can make a smooth transition during your divorce.


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