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Westlake Village paternity attorney

All paternity cases are confidential. Once you have filed for paternity, information about the case is only accessible to the party and his or her attorney of record. Consult with a Westlake Village paternity attorney for guidance through your paternity.

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How Moving to another State can affect your Child Custody?

If you are planning on moving out of state, you have to either ask permission from your ex-spouse or request a custody agreement modification from the court. Contact a Westlake Village child custody attorney as soon as you can and explain your situation. Also, remember that moving to another place can have a profound impact on your children. Thin

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Creating a summer break visitation schedule

Summer can be an amazing time children will treasure in their memories. Create your visitation schedule & Make it special! With help of Westlake Village visitation attorney, you will be able to plan out everything taking into consideration state.

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