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Can you Refuse a Paternity Test?


If the father refuses to take the test, he can be held in contempt of court, face criminal charges and fines. In most cases, the judge orders the alleged father to pay child support.

Westlake Village paternity attorney

If you are a parent questioning the paternity of a child, you should contact a Westlake Village paternity attorney and ask about your legal options.

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When The Custodial Parent is Financially Irresponsible


Although it’s okay for custodial parents to spoil their kids once in a while, child support should be spent wisely on things that benefit the child. It’s possible to modify child support because one of the parents has been irresponsible. In fact, you can modify your custody payments anytime you wish.



The party seeking to modify child suppo

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How Accurate is Your Child Support?


One of the most difficult issues to handle in a divorce is child support. Although there are great tools out there to calculate it yourself, it can be tricky. Many factors need to be considered in order to better determine the required.


Although child support is paid to your ex, remember it’s actually beneficial to your child. You need to ca

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Do Biological Parents provide Child Support after Adoption?

This is a common myth amongst all the people about the adoption and child support. Are as biological parents provide child support or not. Adoption is a tough choice and it’s really painful to let go. If you are having difficulties getting serious decisions about child custody or adoption. Get legal advice by reaching a Thousand Oaks child suppor

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