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Can you Refuse a Paternity Test?


If the father refuses to take the test, he can be held in contempt of court, face criminal charges and fines. In most cases, the judge orders the alleged father to pay child support.

Westlake Village paternity attorney

If you are a parent questioning the paternity of a child, you should contact a Westlake Village paternity attorney and ask about your legal options.

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Having Quality Time with your Children during Visitation

It’s easy to stop spending quality time with your children due to your hectic schedule. But it’s not fair to children. They deserve all the love and care in the world. You are on a tight schedule and you don’t get to see your children as much as you would like to. But doing nothing about your dissatisfaction will not get you or your family anywhe

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Westlake Village Visitation Attorney

Visitation is a adaptable part of the divorce ruling, and a parent can formally request for additional time later, particularly as young children get older. Westlake Village visitation attorney Stephanie L. Mahdavi offers more than a decade of family law experience.

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