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Top Social Media Monitoring Tools for Improving your Brands

The greatest way to make social media sites truly work for you is by monitoring your audience activity or behavior and seeing what audiences have to say about your brands, your services, and you.


The best way to gathering your data, you need to using the Social media monitoring tools. These tools monitor almost everything about the users activity or behavior. Also you can track the URL, keyword, hashtags and more.

Following are the best Social media monitoring tools for your business.


Through this twitter tool you can track your Twitter stats. You can track the millions of Twitter users and the stats, and there are also button and widgets that can be added to the sites, blogs, and the social media profiles to show the numbers of the followers and most recent Twitter visitors. You can also see the retweets, historical data, mentions, you may add multiple accounts so you can keep track of them all in one place and you can create the custom report

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You Are Losing Business By Not Securing Your Website

If you are running business you have a website for your company. Your website is either working for you, helping you to make money for your business, or it’s working against you causing you to lose money and potential new business. How do you know you’re not losing money because of your website?

There are several reasons that indicate you are losing business by not securing your website these are:-

If your website is not using the secure HTTPS technology.

You know how when you look at a website address, it’s usually something like or Your website can either be encrypted, which is the green HTTPS that you see, or not encrypted, which is just HTTP (which you actually usually don’t see the HTTP at all in this case). Here is our website using the secure HTTPS technology:

 Images aren’t optimized

Proper image compression, or image optimization, not only makes your website load faster, it also enhances Search Engine Optimization. Too many

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Why website Design Important for Small Business

Why design matters

According to a study, a person’s eyes take 2.6 seconds to focus on any specific element of the web page when it loads. The visitor quickly forms on opinion with the smart web design.

The great website design not only conceptually the reflects mission of the company, but also, functionally, it is the embodiment of the concept, an all in one corporate program for donating, the matching and the volunteering.

Make it easy

The landing web page should set the tone for your company and offer important information details, making it very simple for the audience to understand what the products your business provides.

Figure out what most valuable information is that you need a user to take away from that web page, and make it extremely simple to find and understand Read more...

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WordPress Theme Is Easy For Website Design

The earlier time when the technology was just available for those with the advanced programme degree. You know today’s environment, any device with a screen has the internet connection. Yes, this connection has a force and encouraging the development of the history most tech-savvy generation, given the information just a click away.

You know a few times ago, you can’t hope to build your site without any professional web design and development company. You these days situation has definitely changed, thank theme designers, network like WordPress, its create the fertile environment for the innovation. There are lots of amazing and simple WordPress themes, each theme promising to improve your website.

Do you know most important things about WordPress theme? these themes are not only useful, its also accessible. The targeted audience or your customer is very broad.

Below are the most useful, simple to design and easy to use WordPress themes… Read More...

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How to Drive Huge Facebook Traffic to Your Blog or website

Nowadays Social media is most popular in the world, almost 2.46 billions of people using the Social Media worldwide. Worlds every age people using Social networking site(Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc) its mean all ages people on these networking sites. But through this blog post, I want to tell you Only about Facebook Traffic.

How to drive these Facebook traffic to your website or blog?

I’m going to provide you 10 effective, actionable methods to drive big traffic to your blog or website Read more...

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Top SEO Opportunity in 2018

The Google consider over two hundred different factors to rank any website, Search Engine Optimization is very complex these days. You know its very challenging, it is ever changing according to the rules of the game.

As Google strives to increase the quality of the search results, some of the ranking algorithm shift shapes, others fall into the oblivion, and completely new one comes out of nowhere. Through this post, I’m going to discuss the best opportunity in 2018.

Staying on the top of changing trends in the SEO is a must if the website is going to be seen by focusing customers. Using the outdated techniques can result in penalties that drag down the listing in a search engine of the Google. To avoid the getting penalized and ensure that the website is completely optimized, here are most important for 2018 should be considered Read more...

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Impact of Website Design on Marketing, Branding and conversions

Most business owners know that importance of a good website design for any business. but when you ask anyone about why it was important, only a few can give you a good answer. website design isn’t completely about its aesthetic. It isn’t enough to just add the whistle and the bells to website design of the site when it does not attract the customers and improve the sales, Most of the company try to compartmentalize the procedures and hire one web design company or firm for the website design and another firm for completing the marketing task.

Taking the comprehensive approach

The traditional approach to appointing the different company or firm for various aspects the site is no longer effective. Instead, it is good to task a more comprehensive approach. Website design must be deeply incorporated into the inbound marketing and the branding strategy. If you hire three agencies for the website design, Search Engine Optimization and the branding, it’s nearly impossible to have them work

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Top 7 Reason Why Your Organic Traffic Falling

by Webdesign12 - Nov 10, 2017 - Organic web traffic

You will know that The Search Engine Optimization is very tough these days because the landscape of the SEO has changed dramatically in the last 4 to 5 years. You know there are many competitors you have, lots of search engine algorithm update continues, here! it is necessary that follow their guideline.

Through this post, I want to tell you why your organic traffic fall and what’s the reason?

Dropping the position on high volume generic terms can trigger panic. Even if drop only lasts for short period of the time. In the majority of the instances, if it possible find out what’s the main reason Read more...

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Ways to grow your business with Social Media Marketing

by Webdesign12 - Nov 09, 2017 - Social Media Marketing

Social media is a very vast way to launch your business in front of the world. There isn’t a doubt about it that Social Media does, in fact, help find the word out about your business. But even more important than the direct exposure, it provides you with the possibility to grow interactions with your target audience. Your fans, followers, and connections are people who know your organization or company, have likely done business with you in the past and will be probably to tell their friends about who you are.

Social Media Impact on an enterprise needs to be assessed to be able to prove and improve upon –its ROI. But though sampling into social analytics can be exciting, it also can be overwhelming. Advertising teams at start-ups or small business, if not able to invest in expensive analytics platforms, can quickly burn out looking to keep up with the limitless data, and therefore will have no time still left to apply their Read more...

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How To Recover website From The Google Algorithm Update?

You will know that Google is very clever. It’s very clear about what is not and what is acceptable under the Google Guidelines of use, so if you are one of that person who breaks the Guidelines, it’s time for a wake-up call.

Google continues evolving the algorithm, and if you are doing anything fault means out of their Guidelines, you will penalize. Through this post, I’m going to tell you that if your website has penalized by the Google Update then How to recover?

Has Your website Been Penalized by the Google?

If your website ranking and web traffic continue dropping, it means you have been penalized by the Google.

Once you have established that your website was penalized, the first thing is to find out that what is the cause of penalizing. Fortunately, there are only 2 things to look into: manual penalty and the algorithm update.

Manual Penalty

A manual penalty is simple to identify. When the Google’s spam algorithm gets flagged by something you have on your sit

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