A Long Voyage Of Nepal Will Be An Incredible Journey

Nepal is the world’s biggest tourist destination for those people, who love rich flora and fauna. This pretty country is really a hot attraction for domestic as well as global travelers.  Among fourteen national park and rich flora and fauna reserves in the territory, Chitwan national park is one of the most popular safari places. It is also known as a national park. More than 43 species of animals are found in this park. Gharial crocodile, four-horned antelope, rare one-horned rhino, Royal Bengal tiger, lined hyena and the Gangetic dolphin are the main tourist attractions nowadays in whole country. All these attractions are the main parts of Nepal jungle safari. The important part is that it is very close to its capital city, Kathmandu, and easily accessible and Bharatpur airport adjoining the park is only 25 minutes away through the flights. Many adventures also select to go down by rafting. Nepal Tourism Packages are the best packages that provide you the excellent opportunities to enjoy a happy and amusing trip. So, your trip to Chiwan national park will be memorable.

Chitwan National Park- A World’s Jungle Expedition Spot-

The country is specially known for its pretty mountains, lovely rivers and lakes, Terai is a greenery landscape situated in the southern part of the country that gives an amazing and thrilling experience. A visit to Nepal remains incomplete without watching the beauty of Terai. And Chitwan is another interesting place to do so.  The Chitwan national park was established in 1973, and provides the best opportunities to enjoy an exciting and pleasing experience with rich wildlife. The wildlife and the green landscape are not as awe-inspiring as those found in Africa but still, Jungle Safari experience will be unbelievable. Nepal Tourism Packages will give you a lucky chance to enjoy jungle safari.

Chitwan national park is only 150 meters above the sea level. This pleasant and beautiful destination receives humid from March-June with peak temperatures reaching 43 DC in the shadow. Very little grass makes Feb-May is the best season for visiting it, but the autumn months are very beautiful with wonderful Himalayan views. And in winter from December-January, Chitwan is very pleasant place as compared to Kathmandu.

Bardia National Park- A Beautiful Jungle Safari Destination In Nepal

Bardia National Park is the biggest and dense wild area of the Terai region of the Nepal Himalayas.  Just like Chitwan national park, it covers area of 1000 square Kms with a dry climate and remote location. Nepal tour will be a funny jungle safari destination for those people, who are very interested for enjoying the lifestyle of wild animals.

To see the wild elephants, you can take the ride on the backs of specially-trained elephants guided by a driver. As you sit in a padded wooden stand on the Elephant’s back with your camera ready, your Mahout guides the Elephant through very tall grass. Fog rises off the nearby river, and you spot on a mother Rhino seeing baby comes down to the river for drinking. You can also see Monkeys chatter and birds on the trees.  Another wonderful view is that Royal Bengal Tiger is pestering Deer through the high grass. It may be very interesting Nepal Tour Package. It may be a special experience in Bardia National Park as compared with others.  To enjoy Jungle safari activities, Nepal Tourism Packages are the attractive options that provide you the excellent opportunities to enjoy a happy and amusing trip. These packages are very luxury, lavish and comfortable, so you can hope for a happy traveling experience.

Summary- Nepal Jungle Safari is a discovery of rich flora and fauna of Nepal’s forests. This whole trip may be a surprising experience and thrilling expedition. It may give you a wonderful experience of enjoying lifestyle of wild animals.


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