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posted by adamblogg on Jun 11, 2018
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What is Good Customer Service? Common Misconceptions of Good Versus Bad Customer Service

On an ordinary day, most folks will handle a customer service representative anywhere from one to five occasions. Some customer service encounters are classified as"good" while others are disdainfully known as"bad". If someone encounters what they would consider good customer service, they typically just about their day as though nothing out of the ordinary occurred. If this same person experiences bad customer support, they won't be afraid to tell everybody who will listen. Typically I ignore the latter of the two for one very important reason: does anyone really know what good customer support is?

Having worked to ten years since a customer service representative and supervisor in multiple industries, I have experienced my fair share of customers who weren't happy with me. And to be completely honest, very few of them really had any cause to be angry. They called me ready to fight.

Past Experience Can Lower Expectations

Sometimes, previous instances of truly bad customer service may leave you with a bad taste in their mouth regarding customer support agents, and lead them to go on the offensive from the moment they get someone on the phone.

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