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Different Tattoo Removal Methods


Simply because tattoos are intended to be permanent doesn't mean that they have to be. Tattoo removal techniques have existed for many many decades. Obviously, the more crude approaches tend to be much more painful and more likely to cause severe scarring, but they actually get rid of the tattoo itself fairly well. Even so, there are other choices out there which one might want to try. Some are more costly but more successful, while others are cheaper but may not work for everyone. If financially limited, it may be well worth it to try one of the more affordable methods of removal.

So what are there to remove a tattoo?

1. Dermabrasion. Dermabrasion uses abrasion to remove layers of skin and finally the tattoo. This procedure is effective, but is painful and has a probability of discoloration (think of carrying sandpaper to your own skin). There is also salabrasion, which is the usage of a salt/water mixture to remove layers of skin in precisely the same fashion. However, both run a greater chance of disease if they are tried at home.

2. Excision. Excision is a relatively simple surgical procedure used chiefly for smaller tattoos. The idea is to just cut the tattoo out and then stitch the surrounding skin together and allow it to heal. This method is certainly not recommended at home and can result in scarring.

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