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What is refrigerated centrifuge

The refrigerator is an important device that is mostly present in all the laboratories. Refrigerated laboratory centrifuges offer low temperature which is used to store  RNA, DNA, PCR and antibody analysis. Its temperature ranges from -20C – 40C.  Refrigerated centrifuge work on the principle of sedimentation by holding the test tube with the predefined capacity in rotation around a fixed axis. The centripetal force allows substances to separate out in the bottom of the centrifuge tube.  A refrigerated centrifuge can attain rotational speeds of over 30,000 rpm. It is available in a number of designs and configurations including fixed angle or swing bucket or both. The centrifugation system that attached in refrigerator utilizes centrifuge tips and tubes plates that are used in many applications. The refrigerated centrifuge manufacturers always try to make this device more advanced and efficient with the integration of a number of technologies. Its efficient cooling systems, allow all t

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