Best student Chromebooks 2022: top picks for back to school season

Best student Chromebooks 2022: top picks for back to school season

Best student Chromebooks 2022: top picks for back to school season

Chromebooks for school and college

The best student Chromebooks have become a mainstay in the classroom as well as at home thanks to all the remote learning that’s been happening over the past couple of years. Computers have become increasingly important for students yet many of the options out there are far from affordable.

So, while some can afford a pricier laptop for their children, most would prefer to invest in a more reasonably priced option that can handle bumps and drops without needing a repair. And, among the most affordable yet capable options out there are the Chromebooks for students we’ve collected here. You should first figure out a Chromebook is right for your needs. But, once you’ve decided, you’ll find that they’re intuitive, secure, and come with a long enough battery life to get you through a school day on a single charge.

Not only will the top student Chromebooks be able to get you or your student through most schoolwork. But, when the coursework is done, they can do some light gaming as well as streaming. It’s the perfect time to buy a student Chromebook too because there are plenty of the best Chromebook deals popping up.

Remember when tablets were going to take over the world? With the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook that might still happen! 

Using a hybrid tablet/snap-on keyboard design this is ideal for the classroom and students – combining easy tablet browsing for researching, easy Netflix fun when you kickback at home, but still offers a keyboard when you need one. 

With a powerful ARM processor that goes for 21 hours (yes you read that right) it’s an awesome computer package. The keyboard and trackpad let it down somewhat, but then you get that delicious Full HD+ display. Best of all it, all comes in at a price that’s as low as you could hope for. 

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