Best Intel processors 2022: the best CPUs from Team Blue

Best Intel processors 2022: the best CPUs from Team Blue

Best Intel processors 2022: the best CPUs from Team Blue

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More than just status symbols, the best Intel processors are among the most capable and reliable chips out there, which is why it’s no surprise that most premium laptops are powered by them. With their high IPC (instructions per clock) performance and high clock speeds, they are the most ideal options for gaming and other intensive workloads – let alone easier productivity tasks.

While the AMD Vs Intel rivalry is more intense than ever, thanks to AMD upping its game to keep up, Intel’s top processors are still the best of the best when putting together your own PC. Intel’s HEDT (high-end desktop) offerings bring incredible performance at an incredible price for professionals and content creators. Meanwhile, its consumer options are holding down the fort – and winning the hearts and minds of consumer desktop users everywhere.

Whether you’re considering switching from your AMD chip or you just need to upgrade your aging CPU, you deserve the best Intel processor on offer in 2022. Let us help you find the ideal one with our top picks below. Spend less time on research and more on getting your PC build put together.

Mid-range buyers will appreciate the fact that they actually don’t have to shell out quite a bit of cash for Intel’s hyper-threading technology. With Intel’s Core i5-10600K offering, it’s possible to have it for much less than $500. This chip may lack PCIe 4.0 support and has a higher power consumption, but it makes up for those in spades. Besides hyper-threading, this processor also delivers superb multi-core performance as well as improved single-core performance. What’s more is that it’s got great thermals to keep that pesky heat down.

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While one of Intel’s more powerful 10th-generation chips has fallen behind AMD in multi-threaded performance, there’s no doubt that the Intel Core i9-10900K is an incredibly capable chip, especially when it comes to its single-core performance. It’s also a great improvement from its predecessor, with two extra cores, bringing the total to a whopping 10 cores and 20. If you’re an Intel fan and need an impressive processor to power your rig, this should more than satisfy your needs.

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