Canned tuna production line

Canned tuna production line

As much as possible you must cycle your tank before

posted by cannedtunalinem on May 29, 2018
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As much as possible you must cycle your tank before you bring home your arowana. If you plan to buy several arowanas, they must be introduced in the tank all at once. 150 and above is the smarter choice. Lack of oxygen and water flow can cause some serious disease in an arowana, particularly over turned gills.Arowana is one of the most expensive fish to buy, as well as feed. And remember that they get very big quickly. Filtration is important, so see if Fish Machine Manufacturers you can have a filtration system that can both filter your tank as well as aerate the water. 100 Gallons should be the bare minimum.

Water changes should not be so drastic. Interestingly enough, this fish is considered a good luck charm in some cultures. With proper care, your arowana can live up to more than 20 years. Small arowanas need small fish such guppies. Arowanas are amazing fish and you will love keeping them. If thats too expensive, a prepared frozen meal of shrim, beef hearts, and enriched flaked food will be good for your fish.. This fish is highly dominant, and territorial battles will ensue if the fish is introduced one after the other. A 10 water change every two or three days would be ideal.

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