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What is a Chakra Healing Bracelet

What do you normally think of when you hear chakra or chakra bracelet? India, of course! India is a big country full of different religions and cultures, each with its own unique traditions. One of them is chakra. What is chakra actually? You've heard this word hundreds of times, but do you know the actual meaning? Chakras are basically focal points is the body, each representing something unique and different. There are 6 or 7 chakras in our bodies, depending on the culture and beliefs. Since the belief for 7 chakras is more common, we'll look at it this way.

Bracelets are excellent accessories! Everyone loves bracelets, especially when they are interesting and represent something nice or help the person who wears them in some way. Since there are 7 stones for each chakra or each energy, we decided that the best way to connect with your chakras, to cleanse and balance yourself is to wear them! Our bracelets consist of 15 stones in total, 2 for 6 of the chakras and one for the most important energy - the crown! These bracelets help you get centered and connect with your inner energy. They send positive affirmation to your whole body and you feel like you can achieve anything you think of!

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