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Is a Mouth Guard Necessary for Sleep Apnea?

by chasedental - Oct 12, 2018 - oral sleep appliance

The oral sleep appliance is like a mouth guard. It is designed in a manner to position the tongue and the soft palate in a manner that opens the airway and allows free breathing during the sleep. The oral sleep appliance does not require a mask or any bulky machine which makes it more convenient than CPAPs.

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Sleep Apnea Risk Factors

by chasedental - Sep 29, 2018 - oral sleep appliance

Middle-age male are more prone to apnea that women. However, this sleep disorder can happen to anyone, irrespective of the age and sex. In some cases, inherited physical traits like oral cavity design, head composition etc. can improve chances of having apnea. Some genetic conditions may also be the reason behind apnea, but they are of rare variety

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