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I could easily see how after doing these

posted by clutchdisc2018 on Apr 23, 2018
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 The Point on this is fluid level is imperatively important with and auto. Ideally I wish there was a way to assure the transmission fluid was equal to the pan rail level in gear running . So always make sure you are using the correct type filter for the pan you are installing. We monitored pressure. While regardless of the pan type the dip stick will still read the level correctly. If you let the trans get even 1/2 quart low you will and or have damaged your transmission.

 At the same time if you place a filter thats too tall for your pan combination it will crack in the neck area and again cause the symptom of low fluid. With and auto trans and in particular the 4L60E there is no such thing as low. Adding one quart over after hitting the full line did not seem to have any notable effect.

 I could easily see how after doing these test you could do a lot of damage to your transmission even this small amount low. The air created in the low fluid scenario is a result of the filter becoming uncovered and the pump pulling air into the system. The pressure in this condition was clutch cover manufacturers completely unstable. Always carefully read the pan manufacturers instructions.

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