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Over lubricating is not likely to be

posted by clutchdisc2018 on Apr 11, 2018
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In an emergency soapy water can be used instead but be very careful to thoroughly rinse of all the soap. Cleaning the plug will keep you going temporarily but ensure you change it as soon as possible. It must be regularly cleaned and a small amount of oil added to trap the debris. A dirty filter will adversely affect performance shorten your bikes life. take apart the brake assembly on a regular schedule and visually inspect for wear and scratches. You will find it at the top of your engine beneath a protective boot.

  A good pocket bike should give you years of fun and and be easy to maintain if you stick brake pad manufacturers to a regular schedule of maintenance.

A white spark plug would indicate that your engine temperature is too high. Be careful not to set it too high as that could be dangerous and will only burn up more fuel.

Over lubricating is not likely to be a problem but under lubricating will cause all types of damage to your bike which will, of course affect the performance and life. a too tight chain will lead to excessive wear and tear, a loose chain could come off and cause an accident. Remove the filter, check for any damage and clean with an approved cleaning solution. Add a few drops of filter oil.


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