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Over lubricating is not likely to be

by clutchdisc2018 - Apr 11, 2018 - brake pad

In an emergency soapy water can be used instead but be very careful to thoroughly rinse of all the soap. Cleaning the plug will keep you going temporarily but ensure you change it as soon as possible. It must be regularly cleaned and a small amount of oil added to trap the debris. A dirty filter will adversely affect performance shorten your bikes

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Manage energy in a collision and allows for


  Crumple Zones: Compress during an accident to absorb energy and prevent transfer of that energy to vehicle occupants (standard)

  Dual-phase Steel Rails and Tunnel Reinforcements: Manage energy in a collision and allows for weight optimization through the use of high-strength steels (standard)

  Supplemental Seat-mounted brake pad Side Air B

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