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How AI Can Help To Stop The Deepfake

Deepfake on the Rise

Earlier people were well aware about the Photoshop and other photo editing tools there were used in creating fake or cloned images affecting the relationships and personal life of many people. And now Deepfakes are on the rise posing a new threat to not only relationships but also have more potential to threat the security of the people.How Deepfake are Created?

To create the deepfakes an advance level of technology is used in which firstly the system is able to master specific features that are native to and specify the targeted person. After this, analysis of huge number of images of the target from various angels at different scenes while posing with variable facial expressions.

Who Will Dominant in Using the AI Efficiently?

Top professors and researchers are working to develop the more efficient Deepfake detection tools that can easily pick the fake blinking the patterns of eyes. And now the newly developed systems are capable to pick on missed subtle and other unique physiological signals humans gives while speaking or talking like one of them is breathing rates.

Cogito is one of the company providing Deepfake detection services to find out the fake videos and images or audio manually done by humans using the huge number of database of all the popular celebrities, politicians, actors and actresses with best level of accuracy. It is also using the AI-backed technology to detect Deepfakes for all types of people around the world.

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