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Training Data for Machine learning

Image Annotation for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Cogito is known for world-class image annotation service for machine learning and artificial intelligence model training. It is providing the image recognition and data labeling service to annotated the different types of images in precise manner to make it recognizable for machine and computer vision to learn and predict correctly if similar inputs are given to model.

Cogito specializes in image annotation technology and image annotation deep learning services with advance annotation tools and software by highly experienced annotation team. Cogito is known for ensuring the quality and data security providing the a reliable annotation services for different industries and sub-fields while understanding of critical areas in each filed.

Types of Annotations Services Offered by Cogito:

  1. 2D Bounding Boxes Annotation Services
  2. 3D Cuboid Annotation Services
  3. Point & Landmark Annotation Service
  4. Lines & Polylines Annotation Service
  5. Text & Image Annotation Services
  6. Video Annotation Services
  7. Semantic Annotation Services
  8. Polygons Annotation Services
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