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What is Text Classification in NLP and What are the Methods

NLP in machine learning and AI development is playing a bigger role in understating the style of speech communication between humans and make it comprehensible to machines. And text classification plays an important role to classify sentences or text documents into a defined categories while integrating the NLP into machines.

Text classification for NLP is done to filter and organize the useful data from various sources like emails, chat, web pages, social media, surveys and many more. These texts are available in unstructured formats and getting the key information is very hard and time consuming.But with the text classification and text annotation data is classified into a structured data sets making it in usable formats for algorithms in natural language processing (NLP) for AI or machine learning based model like chatbot to mimic like humans communicate.

Though, text classification provides a good framework to become familiar with textual data processing without lacking interest, either. As there are multiple applications of text classification like sentiment analysis and spam detection services.


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