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Is NLP Part of Deep Learning

NLP abbreviated to Natural Language Processing is used in machine learning, deep learning and AI-based model training to make machines learn and understand the human language and respond to their questions asked casually through voice or speech based commands.

Intelligibly, saying NLP is not deep learning, instead its is kind of linguistic communi

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What is NLP Technology and How It is used in AI or ML

NLP or Natural Language Processing is the technology that helps machines to understand the normal language spoken by the humans while communicating with each other. The technology used behind the NLP is the combination of syntax and semantic analysis which helps to arrange the words in a understandable sentence to make sense.

The Technology Used i

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NLP Annotation Services for Better Speech Recognition by Machines

Helping machines to understand how people communicate with NLP Annotation Services. Cogito is making the natural language processing easier and trouble-free with precise labeled texts and speech to improve the performance of machines while interacting with humans. Get the sentence-level performance to develop an efficient machine for humans. Cogito

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NLP Annotation Services for Speech Recognition in Machine Learning and AI

Cogito offers natural language annotation services for machine learning and AI based projects developments needs. It is involved in annotation service to annotate the various types of data including texts, images and videos with best level of accuracy to provide the quality data sets. Cogito also provides annotation for NLP for different types of l

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What is the best Text Annotation Tool for NLP

NLP or natural language processing text annotation tool helps to annotate the meaningful words from the sentence to make it usable for machine learning understand the string of words and give the answers accordingly. The language humans use naturally while speaking need to be recognizable and understandable for machines to help them interact with h

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NLP Annotation Services for Machine Learning and AI

NLP Annotation Services by Cogito to annotated the natural languages used for machine learning. It is providing the NLP text annotation service to annotate the sentence-level for better speech recognition for machines to understand the humans natural speaking behavior and their sentiments for making an AI-enabled models to interact with humans. Cog

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