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How to Detect Deepfake Videos and Images

Deep fake or Deepfake is kind of AI-enabled technology used to create fake image and video created with the intention to either defame a well-known personality or make the content more interesting like celebrities seems saying unusual things or involved in unexpected activities.Detecting Deepfake with normal human eye is quite difficult or you can

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How AI Can Help To Stop The Deepfake

Deepfake on the Rise

Earlier people were well aware about the Photoshop and other photo editing tools there were used in creating fake or cloned images affecting the relationships and personal life of many people. And now Deepfakes are on the rise posing a new threat to not only relationships but also have more potential to threat the security of

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How Deepfake Technology Impact the People in Our Society

Read here how Deepfake technology impact the people in our society and what are its potential consequences on different people and group in our society especially people having online presence. The four major impacts of this technology is well-described right here in this blog with various set of examples affecting the various kind of person and wh

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Deepfake Detection Services

Deepfake detection service by Cogito to identify the fake images, videos and audios using the human powered deepfake datasets to recognize the original faces and help celebrities to maintain their dignity and image in the market. Cogito has world-class detection system for deepfake services with team of highly skilled and experienced AI engineers w

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