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What is the scope for Medical Imaging Analysis

Medical imaging analysis is important process in healthcare sector that helps doctors to get the precise diagnosis of various types of diseases. MRI, X-Ray, CT Scan and Ultrasound are the leading medical images used to analyze the actual cause of problem in a human body.

Radiologist are the specialists who analyze such images at hospitals and medi

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What are the Major Applications of Deep Learning in Medicine?

Deep learning is becoming the more powerful part of machine learning to give the more insights to use the training data deeply with right algorithms to give the most suitable results. There are many applications of deep learning into various fields and sub-fields. Actually, there are many roles of deep learning in medical sectors, so let’s find o

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Machine Learning Healthcare Data

Cogito is providing Healthcare training data to make the treatment process easier and faster. The training data sets offered by Cogito is backed with AI to recognize the different types of medical images like  X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI and other image-based test reports can be easily screened to predict various ailments. Cogito provides healthcare trai

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