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Training Data for Machine learning

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Healthcare Training Data for Deep Learning and Machine Learning

Cogito offers a great quality of training data for deep learning and machine learning in healthcare sector. Annotated images like X-ray, CT Scan and MRI with precise diagnosis of ailments to make it learn by the machines and diagnosis the diseases on the same patterns in near future helping radiologist to take faster decision and provide instant Me

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Deep Learning for Visual Search Evaluation

Visual search with Cogito means gets the right solution for the online searching needs like ecommerce and other similar industries. Cogito is known for providing the visual search services for better recognition of objects using the visual search technology. Cogito provides image based visual search services for ecommerce and other online retailers

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Visual Search Deep Learning

Visual search solution services offered at Cogito to make the results more relevant and allow the users to find the any product or article using the images. Cogito provides the training data for such algorithms to train the machines to learn the computer vision use an image and shows the results on search engine with most relevant outcomes.


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Visual Image Search

Visual search with Cogito means getting the images based things from the online platforms like ecommerce and online retailers selling such products. Cogito Tech offers a complete visual image search solution to find the image based objects and articles on the internet having similar attributes like colors, dimension, shape or size to get the most r

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