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How Child Custody is Determined in Utah


Most people when thinking about child custody only think about legal custody. Well there are actually two parts, legal and physical. Are you a parent or struggling couple living in Utah and are in a situation that is unhealthy for your child? get yourself a Salt Lake City divorce attorney and take the necessary steps to advancing yourself and mos

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Social media and your child custody


Child custody battles can be very intense. People will say hurtful things and express hostility towards their spouses or soon-to-be exes. No parent is perfect and no matter how hard you try, you will miss the mark. While children can be forgiving, your ex won’t and he or she will use every argument possible, including social media conversations,

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Can a restraining order affect custody?

What do you think restraining order affect custody? Yes, a protective order can affect child custody if it is proven that there is a case of domestic violence. Being abusive in the court’s eyes means you are a danger to your child and cannot provide a stable environment.


A Salt Lake City family law attorney can prove that you, in fact, did not a

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