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Know Your Rights About Resisting Arrest


If a person is charged with resisting arrest in Utah, it is vital to seek representation from an experienced salt lake city criminal defense attorney with a track record of protecting the rights of each client and looking out for their best interests. To learn more on how they can help, contact salt lake city resisting arrest attorney.

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Utah Finally Opens Its First Modern Crime Lab


When it comes to sex crimes, violent crimes, and gun crimes, Utah has some of the harshest penalties in the country. However, the state has lagged far behind when it comes to sophisticated forensic technology in solving some of the most complicated criminal cases. If you charged with sex crime or violent crimes contact experienced Salt Lake City

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Utah’s New .05 DUI Law Could Affect Tourism


One of the biggest issues concerning the new law is whether a .05 blood alcohol level is truly considered intoxication. Many people who are charged with drunk driving may not properly know their rights. It can often turn a bad situation into worse. If you are injured in DUI accident Contact the Salt Lake City DUI attorneys with a track record of

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Amanda Bynes No Longer on Probation for 2014 DUI Arrest


Many people are arrested for DUI in Salt Lake City have never been arrested before. During this stressful situation, it is easy for a suspect to lose their cool and make some crucial mistakes. First, it is important to remain calm and cooperate with the police. Answer the officer’s questions as truthfully as possible.

An experienced DUI attorney

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DUI Do's and Don'ts


A DUI stop can be a worrying experience for everyone, and mostly for those people who probably more if they feel they might be drunk.According to DUI law everyone who driving Salt Lake City, Utah grants implied consent to a blood, breath or urine test if so demanded according to law enforcement.  Refusal to submit to such a test will resu

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Tougher Utah Drinking Limit Could Lead to More Unnecessary DUI Arrests

Utah already has some of the toughest DUI laws in the country. But the new proposed bill would make our drunk driving laws on par with some of those in Europe. Each day, countless motorists are arrested for DUI in Salt Lake City. Many DUI suspects make their situations worse because they do not properly understand their rights. It is vital to h

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DUI Attorney Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City DUI Attorney With Decades of ExperienceIf you have been charged with a drunk driving (DUI) offense in Salt Lake City, you should count on the advice of an experienced attorney who can thoroughly and meaningfully walk you through your options. You should be given the opportunity to make the best possible decision and have the best pos

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