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NFL Assistant Coach Resigns After Getting Caught With Cocaine


There was a time when cocaine was considered a high-status drug. During the 1970s and 1980s, it was often glamorized in movies and television shows as a drug used by the rich and elite. We all make mistakes. But some can cost us our careers and freedom. Just one accusation or charge of a drug crime can cost a person their job and even result in

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Former Inmate Files Federal Lawsuit For Excessive Force


Police brutality has long been an issue throughout the United States. But it doesn’t just end for those who are arrested for crimes. Inmates in our nation’s jails and prisons also have rights when it comes to their safety and welfare.


Police brutality or excessive force, it is vital to seek to representation from experienced and knowledgeabl

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Minneapolis Police Under Fire After Shooting Death of Australian Woman

If you have been falsely arrested or harmed by the police or the victim of police brutality,  the Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney who supported to protect the freedoms of each client and looking after their best concerns. contact Salt Lake City law office at White & Mattern, PLLC to discuss your case.

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