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posted by dentalhelps on Mar 14, 2019
Disease was rampant  DENTALHELPS causing death to thousands of people within hours sometimes of first symptoms so at that time this was before bacteria and viruses were recognized as the cause for many illnesses and diseases popular opinion held that cholera was caused by bad air coming from rotting organic matter this was known as the miasma or miasma theory Jon Snow a British physician during.



that time he had a different opinion of cholera he believed that the illness was spreading by way of a contaminated water supply because sewage was being routinely dumped into the Thames River and in cesspools near town wells because of his work tracing the route of the cholera outbreak dr. snow is often considered the father of modern epidemiology and his research changed the way we look at disease today so let's apply the public health approach to research of the cholera outbreak so this is a slide of a neighborhood in London and you'll recall.

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