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What Happens in 1st Week Of Your Hair Restoration Surgery?

The surgical scalp restoration is a professional task and the work done needs the patience to manifest its outcome. Do not expect to see the immediate growth because the grafts are just not so visible at this time. It doesn’t mean what you invested for hair transplant cost in Dubai, didn’t go fruitful. It’s just the normal pace that you’d know you will face after that treatment. Your doctor is well known enough to know what can happen and what you are going to follow for better care of scalp and achieve desired results.

Your doctor’s instructions?

  • Medication for pain and swelling are given just in case they are needed, only for those persons whose swelling has extended to the forehead.
  • There is no need to get frightened because the swelling is expected to go away by the time of the week.
  • The patient is instructed to shampoo very gently, just for the scalp cleaning purpose.

The first week after treatment

  • You shall notice some scabbing, swelling or a little redness on the tre
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