Dural Tube Processing Machines

As Dural Machine we have experience on machine industry since 1991

Dural Bend | NC Tube Bending Machine

NC Tube bending machine quite easy to operate. These are like the obvious choice for those businesses, which are deciding to start the tube bending business. It provides required processes and tools that meet the challenges of bringing new materials to market. Offer the best products to your customers.



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CNC Pipe Bending Machines | For Maximum Productivity

Your search for the CNC pipe bending machines, tube bending machine and all other solutions for tubes and pipes ends at DuralBend. Get cost-effective, high volume bending machines that produce clean, wrinkle-free and repetitive bends. Ensure to manufacture the best quality bends with DuralBend CNC pipe bending machines.


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NC Pipe Bending Machines

DuralBend designs and manufactures high-quality NC pipe bending machines for tube industry for over 26 years. The company has earned a good reputation worldwide and can be trusted for getting the best pipe bending machines. All the machines can be used for a small batch to high volume economical mass productions. 


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 Tube bending machine

Looking for a company that manufactures and supplies CNC tube bending machines? Dural Bend is your destination for durable and best quality CNC tube bending machines. Our machines can be used in both general and precision bending applications, no matter which industry your business deals in.



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