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acoustic enclosure, 4 hour fire rated

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DuraSteel Enhance Your Fire Protection System

Are you looking for a way to increase your existing passive fire protection system with something rated for both blast and fire, designed specifically for enclosures, ceilings, walls, barriers, and ducts? One company has an innovative solution called DuraSteel.

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DuraSteel - Fire & Blast Resistant Board

by durasystems - Jul 25, 2018 - durasteel

DuraSystems Barriers Inc. manufactures DuraSteel, a fire and impact resistant board. Tested in fire & blast protection assemblies, it can resist fire for upto 6 hours and resist bar blast for 2.3 hours.

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DuraSteel is blast and passive fire protection systems

by durasystems - Nov 20, 2017 - DuraSteel

DuraSteel is blast and passive fire protection systems which is easy to install and requires minimum maintenance.

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Durasteel protects from blast or explosion.

by durasystems - Aug 29, 2017 - durasteel

DuraSteel made from heavy two face of durasteel sheet which give high strength of prevention from blast. DuraSystem tested these durasteel with fire resistance power which keep safe and secure in the condition of blast or fire explosions.

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