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Teaching your puppy

posted by frisbee1213 on May 28, 2018

Even though your pup is small now, he'll be bigger in no time. There are three main things to remember when socializing your dog: 1- Volume- You want your new puppy to meet a great deal of new and different people, dogs, children, and things. 2- Variety- Not only should your puppy be socialized to a lot of things, but he should meet a big variety of things and people as well. First, teach him to sit.

Control- Many people understand the concept that they should socialize their dog but few people understand that socialization should be done in a controlled fashion. Control the types of people and dogs that your dog meets. Once he knows this basic cue and performs it reliably, you can move on to training him not to jump up. Encourage everyone in your family to enforce this rule constantly to your puppy gets the message.

Consistency is key when teaching a puppy not to jump up. Author's Resource Box Alan brown. If you don't control the types of things your dog meets you risk your dog having bad experiences. Socialize Your Dog Properly: Many puppy behavior problems occur because dogs aren't socialized properly.

Teaching your puppy not to jump on people is important. Bad experiences can lead to fear issues and fear can lead to aggression. I just finished writing my new book on Frisbee how to stop your dog form barking find out how to get it for free. These small dogs can rip pantyhose, scratch legs and even knock over small children

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