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What is Marketing Automation software

Though most of you have heard the phrase “marketing Automation” not so many know exactly what it is and how powerful it can be to the success of your business.

Wikipedia definition,

Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channel

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Marketing Automation UK - How it Works

One of the main advantages that marketing automation has over email marketing is marketing automation can monitor and record your prospects activity across email, your website and social media posts – not just count opens and click throughs.

When there is a prolonged buying cycle, marketing automation allows you to monitor prospects through the

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Should my business have a Marketing Automation Platform

Everyone in the marketing world has heard the term “Marketing Automation” but still, so many businesses are struggling to understand the simplicity of how important it is becoming to the future of their success.

Marketing Automation software is revolutionizing the way we send out and track online marketing. If you send out emails, post social medi

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Inbound Lead Generation

Interrupting people with overly pushy phone calls and promotional emails is not effective anymore!

Inbound marketing focuses on pulling prospects in naturally whilst tracking them through their entire buying journey

By concentrating on the challenges your customers face at each stage of their buying cycle you can educate and help them with rele

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