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Black revenge

by gaycartoonporn - Sep 18, 2017 - black gay porn

 danced at the edge of the dance floor. I staggered awkwardly after the rhythm. It looked involuntarily funny. From the loudspeakers, R'n'B and HipHop roared. Music I never danced to. Isabel could have warned me at least. A few pairs of eyes were pointed at me. Around me, almost without exception, I perceived dark men. I felt uncomfortable. I did n

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sex stories literotica

by gaycartoonporn - Sep 04, 2017 - literotica

It started about three years ago after the divorce of my mother. I had just turned 16, she was a mature woman of 35. Not exactly slender but rather something to touch; round, soft and feminine with quite decent upper reach. At some point she had forgotten to close the bathroom before taking a shower. I came from the outside and burst into the middl

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A young naughty lesbian discovered during a massage

Irina is more than spoiled by her favorite masseuse, Olga. Since the time she takes care of the pretty naughty, the latter has had time to reread her superb body and develop lesbian fantasies without ever taking action, for fear of not being paid forreturn. Deciding to take the step, the pretty m

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