So you need to be careful with products that contain Psoralen

on Jan 09, 2018
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You can see this where people with darker skin have much more melanin in their skin cells than fair skinned people. Light skinned people have significantly less melanin present, and using a tanning accelerator will boost these levels dramatically. If you take a trip to your drug store you will see that tanning accelerators can be purchased in the form of a lotion or as pills. The problem with this is that Psoralen causes the skin to be more sensitive to ultraviolet light and can result in a severe burning. One issue to consider with tanning promoters is that they will not work as well is you use a sun block with them.Usually the story goes something like this. The active ingredients of these products protein enzymes call Tyrosine and Psoralen. These products do with by increasing a substance in your body called melanin. Both of these substances are considered to be amino acids, which are the basic building blocks of proteins. LED Down Light Manufacturers These are the very same proteins that your body makes to use in skin pigment for skin tone and coloration. If you have an event coming up and you want to improve your tan, be wise and use these products carefully. Scientists have found that it is the melanin that is responsible for how well you tan, and the specific tone of your natural skin.

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